No More Room In Hell – Chinatown (2011)

This level is located in Chinatown themed area during zombie outbreak. Streets consist of trashed and abandoned cars, litter around from riots and makeshift barricades and blockades. Level is very large and has objectives for players to complete during their course through subway station, streets and alleys, shops, garages, sewers and finally arriving to the docks area for rescue.

The objectives in the level, go like this:

-Escape from the subway-station to the streets.

-Find gas-can from nearby car-repair shop (3 spots for the gas-can to randomly spawn), and fuel the generator next to the gate, to open the gate and proceed to the next area.

-It’s not possible to get past the roadblock as the ladder on it is locked up. It needs to be released from switch that is located inside grocery-store’s storage room.

-Proceed through the sewer system to another street.

-Find handheld-welder device to unweld/melt/break the lock on the gate that leads to the docks/over-run National Guard outpost.

-The power to the radio-device is disconnected. Go to the nearby warehouse and plug the power-cable to the socket. Then, proceed back to the radio and call for help. After that, defend your position while the helicopter to rescue is arriving and then escape.

Evolution of Chinatown, video by Riley (Playtest Lead):

Old gameplay-video of the map:

No More Room In Hell – Half-Life 2 Zombification

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