No More Room In Hell – Northway (2012)

Small shopping centre level created for No More Room In Hell’s Survival Mode. The story of the level is this:

Survivors have entered this shopping centre, in hopes of finding a safe place to stay and supplies to survive for longer period of time. Problem is, the entrance-doors' shutting system is broken and needs to be fixed. This takes time, so survivors have to keep themselves alive while the system is being fixed (by non-seen mechanic).

Some info about the gameplay-mechanics besides the basic wave-after-wave defending:

-Gun shop and Pharmacy both are locked in the beginning. They can be only unlocked by unwelding/melting the lock with handheld-welder device. This device spawns randomly at one of the 8 positions in underground/garage area. It has a dead body and glow-stick next to it for easier locating.

-There is a backroom/server-room at the warehouse area. The small room is locked with a key-code, which is randomly chosen to be one of the 5 seen in the notes spread accross the level.

-Grocery-store, Security-room and Diner are the 3 safezones to be defended. Those 3 are the only places with spot for the medical-supply crate, which can be found in the level.

-Supply-drops are received through the 2 broken skylights in the complex/building. One of them is at the area that is being renovated and another is at the warehouse.

-Players can’t exit the building, so all the gameplay happens inside the building. Zombies come from the darkness outside.

-There are 3 traps in the map to help getting rid of the zombies: 2 electric-fence traps powered by old generators and one propane-canister trap used as a stationary flamethrower. All 3 of these are temporary and one-time use only.

-When the last wave is happening, the “Finale” is triggered. This is simple “objective” players need to do, to win the map: Close all 6 entrances of the building, so no more zombies enter the building.

In NMRiH’s Survival Mode, players have to defend themselves through waves of zombies, which grow in amount of zombies coming each wave.

No More Room In Hell – Half-Life 2 Zombification

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