Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Shootout (2012)

This map was made for SteelSeries' and’s mapping-contest, where I got the 1st place with this map. The theme or type of the map for contest had to be either aim_ (Combat/Skill) or awp_ (AWP-snipers only). I chose the aim_ type and this is what I cooked in less than a week.

To describe shortly, the point of aim_ type of map, is to usually provide fast and shooting-skill relying matches for warmups before competetive matches or to just train one’s skill on certain guns. There are no buyzones usually, so the weapons given by the mapper, are usually the only ones useable. Maps are also small, to keep the focus on eliminating enemy players as quick as possible.

In this map here, I chose to have only AK47 and M4A4 rifles given to players. Theme I wanted to have for my map, was shooting-range/CQB-training -looking area. Map is also very small, but I didn’t let that take away my idea of having varying heights and lots of obstacles on short ranges to provide cover for players.

According to some judges and players, one of the main reasons my map won, was that it provided balanced and varying/interesting gameplay (possibly because of the height variation and multiple places and spots you can go), even it’s a very small map.

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