Compass Point: West – Next Games (2015)

Compass Point: West is a F2P Mobile Game, build-battler with card collecting. Levels are viewed from top-down in isometric way, where Player sends waves of troops in western-frontier to destroy the evil Driller’s oil-compounds.

I was responsible for creating the large majority of the game’s “Map”, “Gold Rush” and “Cattle Battle” -missions. Along with creating the layouts and designing the strategy with enemy-defences, my task was also to do art-pass on the levels to make them visually appealing for the final product.


These levels were the ‘basic’ single-player Missions, that appear on the Player’s map. Difficulty is balanced by the Player’s level and contain variety of different troop-combinations and guard-towers as the enemies' defences. Each level also had unique layouts, usually with multiple routes towards the objective to provide the Player variety of ways to complete Mission with their choosing of troop-combinations.

*Gold Rush-Missions:

These are the levels, that used for the “Posse Event” (Players in Posses playing through these Missions to get better rewards). In Gold Rush, Player attacks in snowy environments to small camps with gold mines. Levels have different troop-combinations and traps to slow down and even stop the Player from reaching their goal.

*Cattle Battle-Missions:

These levels are also used for the “Posse Event”. However, these differ from Gold Rush in a way, where Player faces mostly small enemy-bases that they need to destroy in order to free the cattle and win. In Cattle Battle, Player is mostly up against guard-towers, instead of enemy-troops or traps.

Level Design

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