The Walking Dead: No Man's Land - Next Games (2015)

TWD: No Man’s Land is a F2P Mobile Game, turn-based tactical gameplay. Levels viewed from top-down and Player has usually a group of Survivors they choose to play through successfully the Missions.

I was responsible for creating some of the levels for “Story”, “Challenge” and “Season 7A” -missions. Along with creating the layouts, gameplay and pacing, I was also doing art-pass (placing props, decals, etc.) for my levels most of the time to make them visually appealing.


These are the levels, which have storyline tied to them and are often using locations from the TV-series. They’re also mostly unique from each other by not only visually, but also by gameplay-mechanics they have. Some are about defending a location, some about fetching items and some just about killing the Walkers efficiently to keep your Survivors from being injured.


These levels are a “Weekly Challenge” and are supposed to be short and repeatable. Gameplay mechanics involve usually simplified versions of Story-Mission’s gameplay-mechanics, as they’re played multiple times. After each successful Mission, the difficulty is raised a bit, to give Player more challenge and test them for earning their place in the Leaderboards.

*Season 7A-Missions:

With these levels, the idea was to re-create locations and “feel” and action of the different places where each TV-Episode was taking place. However, some levels were taking place “in-between” the TV-Episodes as a kind of “what could’ve happened?” fantasy.

Level Design

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